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Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen spaces see a significant amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. They are exposed to water, cooking fumes, steam and food and liquid spills. It’s little wonder then that they start to look old and dated much sooner than other rooms in your home. If you are considering getting the space renovated, you need kitchen designs Sydney professionals like the ones at Benchmark Kitchens and Bathrooms. When you start looking for professional kitchen design companies, you may find that there are a large number of contractors that state they provide “cheap new kitchens Sydney” or “custom made kitchens Sydney”, but it’s not easy to find a company like ours that offers the perfect mix of affordable contemporary kitchen design and outstanding customer service.


We are the kitchen renovation Sydney contractors that provide start-to-end custom kitchen design and installation services. Our kitchen cabinetry is made right here in Sydney in a state-of-the-art factory, by professional Sydney Kitchen designs’ experts. Our designers work diligently to ensure your ideas are given form and that the kitchen spaces are designed to be functional and attractive.

While the appearance of your kitchen matters a great deal, our best home kitchen design team also focuses on recommending long-lasting and resilient materials and finishes. This reduces the amount of time you spend maintaining the features and increases their longevity as well. We work closely with you to create best kitchen styles to complement the styling of your home.


Every homeowner wants to ensure that the new kitchen designs or kitchen renovation Sydney work be of the highest standards. We are a company that never cuts corners or compromises on quality, yet provides affordable custom made kitchen cabinets that add to the beauty and value of your home. We are very passionate about our work and our experts work hard to provide design ideas for affordable, beautiful kitchens. The different aspects we focus on while designing kitchens are:

  • Layout – This is a very important aspect of any modern kitchen designs Sydney Every client will have different requirements in term of the layout they prefer in their kitchen. Our designers work closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are before providing the best luxury kitchen design for your home.
  • Ergonomics – This is another aspect that we focus on. Our experts also make sure that all the features in the professional custom made kitchens Sydney they plan are ergonomically designed. That means the height of the counters will be perfect and the placement of the appliances and the custom made kitchen cabinets will be planned to provide the most comfort and usability.
  • Durability – Regardless of how attractive our best modern kitchen designs Sydney are, without the right kind of materials, your kitchen will only end up looking old and drab sooner than later. This is why we focus on using resilient and durable materials and finishing options such as high-quality polyurethane, laminate, veneers and solid timber etc. Not only do these materials have a unique appeal, but add to the longevity of your kitchen too.
  • Best New kitchens Sydney styling – Whether you are looking for a classic, or contemporary kitchen design, we have the solutions for you. We handle residential kitchen design and installation projects with as much skill and expertise as low-cost commercial kitchen design. Our skilled Sydney kitchen designs’ experts have the skill and creativity to provide country kitchen designs, contemporary kitchen design as well as traditional and modern kitchen design.

Whether you want a kitchen with sleek lines and a modernistic look or a space that has a more rustic/earthy feel, we are one of the best kitchen design companies to come to. We can also design combination style kitchens that blend classic styling with modern, hardwearing materials such as stainless steel and glass. If you have an existing traditional style kitchen space, we encourage you to consider modernising the design and layout by keeping things a little sleeker and simple.

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We strive to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their renovation, we will go above and beyond to do so. Talk to any of our customers and ask them what they think.



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